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We automatize text processing for departments that process and analyze large amounts of text. Our solutions have proven to be successful in the following sectors.

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QA Metrics helps various government institutions with the robotization of text analysis and text editing activities. Whether it’s the automatic generation of summaries of policy documents, the automatic classification of confidential documents or the automatic identification of risks in documents. All these applications are tailor-made with data from the government and were implemented successfully.

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Banking & insurance

QA Metrics is building a solution for the financial sector to automatically classify incoming correspondence from regulators. This creates a highly targeted and automated workflow of communication to various departments, which then processes it further. Within this sector, solutions that automatically anonymize and classify documents can also be implemented effectively.

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QA Metrics has developed a solution within the healthcare sector that automatically validates the consistency of a treatment plan for a specific client, with previous treatment plans for clients with similar conditions. This increases the quality and consistency of the treatment plans and further reduces the risk of errors.

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Consultancy & advisory

QA Metrics has built a solution for a consultancy & advisory firm to automatically perform a classification of all quotation requests that appear on Tendernet. This helps to distill the relevant requests from the enormous amount of requests for quotations. This saves the company a significant amount of time with selecting relevant quotations. As a result, more time can be invested in answering the selected quotation.

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Judiciary & advocacy

QA Metrics has developed a tool for the judiciary & advocacy sector that automatically checks documents for the presence of personal data. This personal data is also automatically anonymized. This concerns not only name and address data, but also medical data, license plate, religious beliefs, etc. In short, all data subject to the GDPR can be anonymized.

Other sectors

In addition to the above mentioned sectors, QA Metrics can also create added value in other sectors that process and/or analyse large amounts of texts. For example, semi-government insitutions (municipalities, utilities), online retailers, production companies, etc.

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