Smart Search

With “Smart Search” all relevant data from documents or datasets are automatically collected.

How does it work?

  1. Based on the input of an employee, “Smart Search” can be used to automatically search for specific content within a set of unstructured data. This input can be a keyword, a piece of text or a complete document.
  2. “Smart Search” is therefore used to identify specific data, such as personal data, contract information, or any other textual content, after which it can be:
    • anonymized (Anonymization),
    • classified (Classification)
    • prioritized (Prioritization)
    • checked for consistency with documents from a database (Consistency check).
  3. For example, “Smart Search” can be used for:
    • automatically finding similar requests for quotations in a database of previously answered quotations;
    • automatically finding all specific liability or penalty clauses in a contract database; or
    • Automatically finding other relevant data in business documents or data.

For whom?

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Judiciary & advocacy

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Banking and insurance

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